10 Unique Ways Burning Incense Improves Health

Incense & Health Benefits 

In addition to making a room smell wonderful, Incense has many other benefits you may find helpful. 

Here are the top benefits of Incense:

  • Improves blood circulation – Boswellic acid is in frankincense. Boswellic acid has anti-inflammatory effects and can help improve circulation and blood flow. Many people also use it to assist with arthritis, cysts, and Crohn’s disease, due to inflammatory effects. 
  • Reducing Anxiety – Women found using lavender-sandalwood incense was more effective than Orange Peppermint when reducing stress before the medical study
  • Sleep Aid – If you are having trouble sleeping, try Incense; you may find it replaces your sleeping pills. Anxiety is reduced by slowing down the nervous system and will help your mind and body relax. With many scents to choose from you, dreams can smell nice! Lavender, vanilla, and jasmine are famous. 
  • Help with Scars – Frankincense can help your skin heal faster, as it’s been used for centuries to help heal boils, pimples, and scars. Instead of acne cream, you may want to try lovely-smelling incense.
  • Immune System Help– When burning Incense, it can be an antiseptic and a disinfectant? For centuries people have applied Incense to wounds to help prevent infection. It’s been used for internal and external injuries. 
  • An Aphrodisiac – Setting the mood, you may want to use Blue Lotus Incense. Most incense is known for its relaxing and healing properties, but it also carries other benefits. The Blue Lotus has shown it activates the hypothalamus to help with sexual arousal. Helping with Testosterone you increase helps the blood flow to the sexual organs. 
  • A natural air freshener – Burning incense can help freshen and naturally help disinfect the environment. It’s all-natural, so no harsh chemicals will flow into the air. Stop using harsh chemicals that create Cancer and burn some healthy incense. 
  • Supports Meditating – Many cultures have burned Incense for thousands of years to keep deep meditation. Next time you need to think or meditate alone, the calming effect of Incense might amaze you.  
  • Need Help with depression or neurological damage? Frankincense extracts help with the reduction of depression and neurological damage. With all the options and benefits for burning incense, you are doing more than just making a room smell great when burning incense. 
    Is it time to ditch chemical-based room fresheners? 

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