Arthritis Sufferers 

No Risk 4-Drop Challenge!

A safe, natural, and effective alternative to traditional treatments.

Arthritis suffers face a wide range of challenges, from debilitating pain and stiffness to limited mobility and difficulty with daily activities. Finding effective relief is a top priority, but oftentimes, transitional treatments fall short or come with unwanted side effects.

With only four drops of Stabilized CBDA, arthritis sufferers could experience fast and effective relief than can last for hours. 

Stabilized CBDA works quickly and efficiently, getting to the root of the problem without causing unwanted side effects. 

Your 4-Drop Challenge: 

Rub four drops topically on effected areas you desire relief*. Do this 1-3 times a day as needed. 

* Typical relief is noticed in 10-15 minutes. We suggest waiting 20 minutes before re-apply if needed.

What to Expect

First you should expect fast and effective relief from pain, inflammation and stiffness. CBDA works by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system and helps regulate a wide range of functions including pain and immune response. Stabilized CBDA may also have long-term benefits for arthritis sufferers. By reducing inflammation, so low the pogression of the disease and prevent further damage to the joints. 

Of course with any new treatment, it’s important to talk with a healthcare professional prior to any new treatments or therapies. 

Only Four Drops Raw Cannabinoid Oil high in CBDA  

That’s 4 drops of oil vs 5 bottles of 30 ml 1,000mg CBD oil

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Or Consume 5 Bottles of 1,000 mg CBD oil to receive same  benefits as 4 drops Raw Cannabinoids high in CBDA

That’s a 1500 times more CBD oil required vs our Raw Cannabinoid Oil

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Rewards For Taking Challenge


Upon your Success and Gaining Relief:

We’ll send you a link to post your testimonial and on your next order of Raw Cannabinoid Oil with stabilized CBDA we’ll send you and extra bottle no additional cost. A $70 value. 

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No Success!

Notify our team and we’ll refund you 100% of your original purchase price as a thank you for taking the challenge. 

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